If you are like most Aussies, you are simply fed up with high power bills. You may have heard about several different types of alternative energy and are now interested in finding out why most people are saying that solar power is the best alternative and renewable energy source for homes. You may also want to know what are the best solar power systems in Sydney. You probably know that there are wind turbines, hydropower and biomass, but which is really the best choice for you? In most cases, as you will soon learn, solar is going to be your best option.

Solar vs. Wind Turbines

The most important advantage that solar has over wind turbines is that, even on rainy days, you can draw power freely from the sun. Unfortunately, wind turbines require enough wind to propel turbines, and atmospheric conditions must be ideal for that to happen. In some areas of the country, there simply isn’t enough wind to make this alternative source of power feasible. Added to that is the fact that your neighbors in a city or residential neighborhood might not take too kindly to a huge wind turbine being erected near their homes.

Solar vs. Hydropower

Unless you live near a body of rapidly moving water, a damn or a waterfall, this would not be an option for home renewable energy. Yes, large power plants can convert the kinetic energy of rapidly moving or falling water into electricity, but those plants are situated by the requisite bodies of water. No matter where you live, the sun will shine every day. As mentioned above, even on cloudy days you will be able to draw energy, albeit reduced amounts, but you will be drawing energy. You may occasionally need to draw a bit from the grid, but you will be getting a huge majority of your energy from your solar panels in the year as a whole.

Solar vs. Biomass

The obvious advantage of solar over biomass is that solar is free, whereas you will typically need to purchase some sort of organic material from animals or plants to power the machines that convert biomass into electricity. In other words, unless you own a huge farm with literally tons of biomass at your disposal, this isn’t fee energy like you’d get from the sun. There is no way to prevent you from capturing those golden rays, unless you live in an alternate universe where the government has built a dome over your town to block out the sun of course. Yes, that’s quite silly, but it’s important to understand why solar is preferable to biomass if you are looking to save more and spend less.

As you can see, the only real option for the majority of homeowners is solar power. It is literally free energy from the sun. You can draw free energy to power your home all day long, thereby reducing or eliminating your power bill altogether. These are the reasons why solar power is best, especially for families!

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