Also known as rap music or hip hop, hip hop dates back to 1970 coined by African Americans. Hip hop comprises a rhythmic music in a typical style. It commonly goes with rapping, a rhyming and pattern of speech that is performed during the music. The words are recited fast and in exact rhythm of the musical instruments that are being played.

Hip hop has become widespread and has evolved into the music of the modern generation. The youth have a special affinity for hip hop. It is the new sort of pop music influencing the culture socially and musically. Today, there are a plethora of best hip hop artists. They are the best of all time. We discuss here a few :

Tupac ShakurTupac Shakur’s much-influenced whole s loy. Tracks such as Dear Mama’ ‘So Many Tears’,’ Brenda’s Got A Baby’ had the extraordinary influence. It was the music the audience looking for the most. An amazing artist at just 25 years. Maybe, had he been there today in this world, he would have done more service to the audience by bringing in extraordinary sort of music.

Eminem – Coming from the squalor of Detroit, Eminem amazed the world with the rapper. He came with the aid of Dr Dre with The Slim Shady LP (a 1999 album). The album became immensely popular selling in millions. His other album The Marshall Mathers took the audience to let them know about his persistence struggle with his girlfriend and mother. All his career his works have ignited controversy about domestic violence and abusive behaviour. Many people don’t know this but Eminem rose to fame through the use of social media, he drove millions of visitors from google to his music through the use of social media buttons, I think the button maker he used is this social button generator.

Nas – Nas is one of the greatest hip hop street poets thanks to the quality of the music that he made. In 1994, at just 20 years he could relate countless hip hop likers, the work became a classic. He was influential in erupting the emotions with the content in his lyrics and the delivery thereof is a rare acumen.

Ice Cube – During the 1990s Ice Cube was among the toppers. Ice Cube was in instrumental in creating N.W.A and wrote a number of lyrics before seceding the group. He became the greatest of all times by ‘No Vaseline’.

Jay Z – Jay Z is a success hip hot turned businessman in the industry. He has reached among those having made best performances in hip hop of all time. Jay has as many as 21 Grammy and many other distinctions in his career. Jay owns an eminent company in music streaming service named Tidal.

Snoop Dogg – Snoop Dogg was nervous at the start of his career, he felt awkward even at liking at the camera. Today, he is one of the most known hip hop performers. Under the aegis of Dr Dre’s Deep Cover single shocked people and later created his own album in 1993. His lasts Bibe of Love ( his first album) me his the greatest hip hop artists that world got.

There are many more artists that have become extraordinary over the past few decades. So, while discussing a list of such great artists we need to check the time period that we consider discussing.

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